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Visit Corpus Christi Texas for Fun in the Sun

We had a few days off school, so we decided to take a short family trip to the beach.

We loaded up kids, grandkids, boogie boards, sunblock and headed to visit Corpus Christi, Texas for some fun in the sun.

Corpus Christi is located on the Gulf of Mexico. Corpus Christi is Latin for Body of Christ. Alonso Álvarez de Pineda, a Spanish explorer, discovered the bay and its surrounding area in 1519 on the Catholic Feast Day of the same name.

It’s a semitropical area with lots of palm trees and sandy beaches. It feels very beachy.

The water was fairly clear, but it wasn’t very blue. As far as my experience, sea water along the coast of Texas doesn’t tend to be blue. I grew up next to the Pacific and it was much bluer there.

We went to “The Island” which is actually an island part of Corpus. There are so many waterways and lots of homes built right on the water. Instead of backyards, the houses have a dock with a boat attached to it.

Condo on the Beach

We stayed in this beautiful condo right on the beach. We could literally walk onto the beach from the back of the building. And the condo was super clean, decorated in an adorable beach theme, and so comfortable. And the view from one of the bedrooms was gorgeous.

There was also a balcony that overlooked the beach where we could sit and enjoy something to drink while we watched the waves break down below. The view was just amazing!

When we were done with the beach, the kids loved swimming in the pool at the condo complex. The water was refreshing–not too cold and not too warm. The kids and grandkids swam and swam and swam.

I grew up on the beach, so I love the ocean. My hometown in California is simply too expensive to even visit these days, so Corpus Christi was a perfect place to spend the weekend. I had the sea air, the water, and the sand for a reasonable price.


Beach condo


bedroom in condo

We had so much fun and LOVED the condo. You can reserve it here if you’re going to Corpus Christi.

Fun Shops

Corpus has some really awesome shops, like this one. Yes, you have to walk through the shark’s mouth to get inside the gift shop. My kids thought it was so cool.

shop in Corpus Christi with shark entrance

Another shop has a sculpture of a mermaid and lots of sea creatures. There are plenty of shops to visit and souvenirs to buy. Very touristy and makes you feel like you’re vacationing on a tropical island.

Visit a Battleship

If you’d like to experience some history, you can visit the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay. The ship is HUGE and there’s so much to see and do. The USS Lexington was a WWII-era ship that was decommissioned in 1991 and was originally in Pearl Harbor. This ship has so, so much history.

There are also other attractions on the ship like a 3D mega theater, an escape room, and a Pearl Harbor exhibit to name a few. You can easily spend all day there.

There is a charge to enter the museum.

USS Lexington battleship

You can learn more about the USS Lexington here.


We ate some authentic Texas BBQ from a local restaurant. There are so many restaurants to choose from. Admittedly, we generally don’t eat at a lot of restaurants when we travel because meals are so expensive with all the kids and grandkids. We tend to go to the grocery store and make most of our own meals.

We did have to travel from the island where the condo was to find a Walmart and HEB. But we bought plenty of snacks and donuts to enjoy in the morning (because you gotta eat donuts on vacay)

You can find all sorts of yummy food. We were actually invited to a crawfish boil with a neighbor. If you’re in Texas during the spring, you have to eat a crawfish boil.

Authentic Texas Crawfish Boil: You boil live crawfish (yes, live, as in moving and wiggling around in the bag), corn on the cob, and potatoes in a ginormous pot with lots of spices. Most people use a spice packet (we’ve found that the whole spice packet is too spicy hot for us, so we only use half the packet). When it’s ready, you spread it out on a plastic tablecloth on a table and everyone eats with their hands. You really have to experience this!

Fun Getaway

The only downside of our visit to Corpus Christi was our crazy sunburns. Apparently, I sunblocked everywhere on myself EXCEPT the tops of my feet. Both of them were burned and sore. My kids missed spots here and there as well. So, remember to wear sunblock, especially after swimming in the ocean.

We loved going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. It was a great escape from our regular schedule and we all enjoyed the visit.

We plan to go back again and discover even more to do.

view of Corpus Christi

And we saw a breathtaking sunset. Truly gorgeous and awe-inspiring. Makes you stop and think about the beauty in this world around us,





sunset in Corpus Christi

I’d recommend Corpus for a fun, family getaway. And I’d especially recommend this condo.


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